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Three-phase separator is designed for separation of oil from gas and water including measurement of the amounts of refined oil, extracted water and gas with temperature and pressure control.

Manufacturing complies with requirements of the Client, «The rules of pressure vessels design and safe operation» of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and state standards, accepted in the Republic of Kazakh-stan, according GOST and ASME standards. 

Technical specifications
Hazard class
Working pressure, MРa (kg/cm2)
(in vessel and piping)
0,4...0,12 (4...12)
Working temperature
Gas flow, m3/h
Gas density at working temperature, kg/m3
Total liquid flow, m3/h up to 83
 Liquid composition
Hydrocarbons, water
Liquid density at 20˚С, kg/m3
661,6 for hydrocarbon
1000 for water
Liquid viscosity, with Р
Inspection manhole in the tank
Manhole 24" with a swinging bracket
Total volume capacity of separator tank, m3
Separator weight with measuring block, kg


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