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1. Manufacturing of wide range of cable, panel and board equipment.

2. Light-emitting diode lamps development is carried out.  
"PZTM" offers re-equipment and substitution of traditional light sources - luminescent lamps, halogen lamps and lamp bulbs to power saving light-emitting diode lightings, and also lightings (25 W, 50 W, 75 W, 100 W, 150 W, 180 W) intended for illumination of industrial buildings and external illumination, including places with potentially explosive gas environment in explosion hazard zone of class 1 or 2.

Advantages of light-emitting diode lightings control:

3. Manufacturing of mobile drilling rig MBU-125 energetic power unit 

Energetic power unit
Container type based on semi-track with module of 200 kWt power station and fuel tanks
Module for 380 V transforming station with 6 kWt industrial network connection and capacity not less than 250 kWA
Air-conditioning and heating system
Protective - operating equipment for electric equipment of drilling rig

4. Manufacture, repair and spare parts supply for engineering warning system "NOCH-12" 


Guarding system "Noch-12" is designed for equipment of guarded objects safeguarded plants with perimetre no more than 2,4 km.

System provides:

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